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Adam of Maxton

In the list of abbots of Melrose, Adam de Macston is listed at number 17 between Matheus and John of Edrom. Adam became a monk in about the year 1240, and rose to the office of cellarer, being responsible for the provision of food and drink within the community. He succeeded William as abbot of Newbattle.

'William the abbot of Newbattle gave up the pastoral care, which office the lord Adam, the cellarer of melrose, assumed on St Vincent's Day'

Two years later, Matthew died. Adam resigned his abbacy and was instantly elected abbot of Melrose, and installed eight days later, on August 1st 1261.

Adam was obviously a man of some charisma, reasonably efficient at the jobs he had to do as a monk, and popular with his colleagues. The last thing required by a self-sufficient community is a cellarer who is careless, criminally frugal, or irresponsible, and the readiness with which he was elected to the office of abbot is an indication of his being held in high esteem by his fellow monks.

Later, however, he is deposed and replaced by John of Edrom.

'AD 1267. In the general chapter, the lord Adam, abbot of Melrose, was deposed; it was he who deposed his own son, the abbot of Holm Culter, from the chapter of the order, and so brought the same punishment of deposition on himself which he had imposed on the said abbot of Holm Culter, a punishment well-deserved, for he was responsible for procuring the deposition of his own abbot Henry, who was restored by the chapter to his office. The lord John of Edrom, master of the neophytes of the same house, succeeded the deposed abbot.'

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