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Maxton 2000

Hard at work repainting the Village Hall

MAXTON 2000 came into being in August 1998. The idea behind the group was to mark the new millennium in the parish of Maxton in ways which would be to the benefit of the parish, both environmentally and socially. It was decided to run a programme of monthly events throughout the year 2000 as well as undertaking a number of projects to improve the environs of the parish.

The first project undertaken by Maxton 2000 was to give the interior of the Village Hall a much-needed facelift. This work, carried out entirely by members of the community, was greatly admired at an Open Day held in Spring 1999.

With one project completed, there was no holding Maxton 2000 back and, before long, the bus shelter was transformed into an Information Point, an Interpretation Panel was erected at Maxton Kirk, there was a new notice board at the Village Hall and a roadside flower bed was replanted.

Another exciting project got under way when contact was made with Maxton in North Carolina, USA and plans were made to have some sort of joint celebration on millennium night. It was decided to evoke the Scottish custom of 'first-footing', and one of the many highlights of the Millennium Ceilidh in Maxton Village Hall was a trans-atlantic 'first-foot' by telephone from our friends in Maxton, North Carolina. This gesture was reciprocated from this end when North Carolina entered Y2K - at 5am, our time.

Two Maxtonians speak to Maxton North Carolina at the start of the new Millennium

The link between the two Maxtons continues beyond 2000 and it is hoped there will be many more joint celebrations.

The Maxton 2000 diary of millennium events was varied and included musical evenings, walks, a gala day and a sunflower competition, but perhaps the most ambitious event was a photographic exhibition entitled 'Maxton - Old and New'. This exhibition ran for a week in the Village Hall and recorded the life of Maxton Parish from the early years of the 20th century right up to the present.

All households in the parish were given the opportunity to have a family group photograph taken by Penny Davies, ABIPP, who lives in the village. The earliest ones were shown as part of the 'Maxton - Old and New' exhibition, and an exhibition of all these new photographs will be held this year. A children's photographic competition was also organised.

The Poster for the 'Maxton - Old and New' Exhibition

The official opening of the exhibition was a real celebration of all things Maxton. John Maxton, Member of Parliament for Glasgow Cathcart, performed the opening ceremony, former members of the ship's company of HMS MAXTON presented the Ton Class Association affiliation certificate, and the evening also included the launch of the book 'Maxton 2000 - A History of the Parish of Maxton'.

The exhibition and the book attracted a great deal of interest and encouraged many former Maxtonians to renew their contact with the parish.

Burying the Time Capsule at the end of 2000

The final event of Maxton's millennium celebrations was a ceilidh on Old Year's Night during which a Time Capsule was concealed beneath the floorboards in the Village Hall, in the hope that Maxtonians of the year 2100 will open it and discover what Maxton 2000 was all about.

Pictures of the millennium events are on the Millennium Gallery.

The tune 'The Maxton Ceilidh' was specially written and performed for us by Steve Kendall who provides the music for our ceilidhs.

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