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Maxton 21

When the year 2000 came to an end, so too did Maxton 2000. However, it seemed a great pity to dispense with the commitment and enthusiasm that had made Maxton 2000 such a success, and so it was decided to form a new parish group which was given the name Maxton 21.

Everyone living in the parish of Maxton is welcome to be part of Maxton 21. The group aims to be as open and democratic as possible, working together for the benefit of Maxton parish. In addition to organising social events, and tackling parish improvement projects, Maxton 21 has also taken on the management of the Village Hall, the Children's Playground and Maxton Neighbourhood Watch. There are lots of ideas at the planning stage, and a number of social events have already been agreed - dates on the Calendar of Events. Details will be added to the Maxton 21 section of the Bulletin Board before each event.

Dates of Maxton 21 meetings will be on the Bulletin Board.

Minutes of Maxton 21 meetings are posted in the Info' Point in Maxton Village and distributed to those who request them.

To hire Maxton Village Hall - contact us. Check the Bulletin Board for further details and charges.

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