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Probably the 'Morhus' in the Melrose Cartulary for 1165. On this land are the sites of Lilyot's Cross, the place where March Days were held to sort out Border feuds during the 14th century. Representatives of the Kings of Scotland and England met there. Part of the site of The Battle of Ancrum Moor (1545) and Maid Lilliard's Stone are also on Muirhouselaw. There is also the site of a medieval homestead and of a tileworks which was still in use during the early part of the 20th century.

The Rutherford Herd of Belted Galloways


The site of a toun and a hospital for the protection of travellers, dedicated to St Mary Magdalene. It is recorded in 1276, and continued to exist certainly up to 1545 when most of the Borders was laid waste by Hertford. During most of this time it was in the hands of the Rutherford family, but in the early 16th century, that branch of the family died out and the lands passed into the hands of the Stuarts of Traquair by marriage. Over the years it has had many owners including Sir Alexander Don of Newton and the Antrobus family, who also owned Stonehenge. Today it is a large farming unit, the ground split and leased to two different farming enterprises. The fields near Rutherford Lodge, the home of the present owner, are still grazed by Rutherford Belted Galloways.

Rutherford has three groups of cottages - Rutherford, Rutherford Mains, and Rutherford Burnside, probably representing three different estates which were joined in years long gone. Rutherford Mains had a smith, a workshop for a joiner/wright and later Rutherford Station. Of the original house at Rutherford there is no sign, the present house being Georgian. Rutherford Lodge was a fishing lodge until it was enlarged and rebuilt in the 1920's.

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