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During the research for the history of the Parish, contact was made with other Maxtons. Initially, the contacts were with Maxton, Drummond Island, Michigan and Maxton, North Carolina, followed by Maxton, Dover, England. The outcome of these contacts has resulted in an ever growing link with North Carolina and the Affiliation of Maxton with the Ton Class Association.

Maxton, Drummond Island, Michigan was a very small logging village of about 40 people with a school, post office and general store which came into being in the early 1900's. With the decline of logging, and the development of motor transport, the main settlement of the island, Drummond Township, eight miles away, grew and the need for Maxton disappeared. Today there is no sign of the township, but the road is still called Maxton Road.

Maxton, North Carolina is a town of about 2800 people and with all the facilities one associates with a place of that size. Straddling the western boundary of Robeson County and the eastern boundary of Scotland County, it lies 100 miles inland from the coast and 200 miles east of the North Carolina Mountains. For golfers, it lies only 30 miles from Pinehurst!

Incorporated in 1874, with the name of Shoeheel, the town has gone through various name changes before settling with Maxton. Our links with it and with the members of the Maxton Historical Society, in particular, have resulted in an exchange of information, pictures etc. During the year 2000, members of the North Carolina group came across to visit their Scottish friends, and, we hope, these visits will continue and develop in both directions. See Maxton North Carolina.

By kind permission of Bill Slater,

Maxton, Dover and the link with HMS MAXTON go very much hand-in-hand. The leading light in the developing link, Roy Edwards, lives in Dover, and so it was quite natural that his knowledge should be put to the maximum use. His knowledge of a previous affiliation between HMS MAXTON and Dover, and of the maritime museum there, allowed us to develop the friendship. At the presentation of the Affiliation Certificate, there were four former members of the crew of HMS MAXTON in the village hall. Hopefully this link will be maintained, especially as an 'Old Hands' group for HMS MAXTON has just been formed.

The Presentation of the framed photograph of HMS MAXTON, given by Dover District Council, at the Maxton 'Old and New' exhibition

The family name Maxton, is well known throughout the world. The origin has already been explained, but it is interesting that a Maxtone left Maccuston in the late 1300's to settle at Cultoquhey in Perthshire. Robert de Maxtone is recorded as having land there in 1410, and other members of the same family are recorded at Flodden. The celebrated Maxton 'litany' was composed in 1725, by a family member and embodies a popular characterisation of the powerful Scottish families of the time.

'From the greed of the Campbells From the ire of the Drummonds From the pride of the Grahams From the wind of the Murrays Good Lord, deliver us.'

This family in 1859, became Maxtone Graham. The present laird is James Anstruther Maxtone Graham.

Jimmy Maxton MP for Glasgow Bridgeton from 1922 until his death in 1946, and John Maxton MP sitting member for Glasgow Cathcart since 1979, are uncle and nephew. One of the great parliamentarians of the last century, Jimmy was a man of great personal energy and indomitable spirit. Throughout his life, he stuck firmly to his beliefs, and on his death was described by a friend as 'the greatest friend of mankind we have known'. Maxton 2000 was delighted when John Maxton accepted its invitation to open the 'Maxton Old & New' Exhibition in May 2000.

Maxton Engineering is a company, based in Kingswood near Frodsham in Cheshire, which is dedicated to making good any mistakes made by manufacturers with regards to suspension or handling of any motorcycle.
The company was founded by Ron Williams in 1971, at that time working on his own manufacturing frames for Yamaha engines to race at the Isle of Man T.T.
Now after a successful period in which he designed and made his own magnesium wheels, worked for H.R.C. and Norton designing frames and travelling around the world with the Grand Prix team, Ron still has the personal touch, and, along with his team of seven technicians, spends his time developing, building and modifying suspension units for the motorcycle industry.
Maxton helps and modifies many road-going motorcycles, but its roots lie in racing, specialising in the Isle of Man T.T., with many successes down the years. The company still aims to please all of its customers, giving support not just yo the race teams, but also to those who simply like to ride their motocycles on the open road.
The name Maxton was made of a combination of shortened versions of MAXimum and TONnage.
The Company website is at

Rutherford Lodge

The Rutherford family have been major landowners in the area since the reign of David I. The first written record is of a 'Robert de Rodysforde' as witness of a charter in 1140. From then on, the Rutherford family with its various branches were, along the Ker family, the major landowners in the Roxburghshire area. The Rutherfords of Rutherford continued in control of much of the parish until the sixteenth century, when, there being no male Rutherford heir, the succession passed to the Stuarts of Traquair through Katherine Rutherford. Thereafter, the Kers of Littledean held the lands at the Reformation. Later Rutherfords held land in the area, but not as Rutherford of that Ilk. In the 1920's the lands were bought by Col Sir John Rutherford Bart, and the name returned to the area once more.

Rutherford Farm

Two names within the Parish may seem rather unusual - Muttonhole and Bourtrees.

Muttonhole is a pair of derelict cottages high up on Rutherford land, between Muirhouselaw and Rutherford Burnside, with one of the best views in the Borders. On a clear summer's day one can see right over the Teviot Valley to the Cheviot Hills above Morebattle. Sunrise from there is a scene to behold!

Bourtrees Cottages are the farthest west buildings in the village. They are named after the bour tree - the elder tree, in Scots.

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