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Our Community - Be Safe, Be Secure.

Our Community - Be Safe, Be Secure

This section of the Maxton Parish website has been set aside for reports from those bodies whose interest and responsibility is to keep us safe and secure. Remember that if you are unsure about a caller, do not let him or her into your house. If you are in any way concerned about what is happening in your area, do not hesitate to phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. Useful emergency phone nu ... [more]


Police Scotland - Scam Alert

Police Scotland - Scam Alert Police would like to make residents in the Scottish Borders aware of new scam. Residents are contacted via their land line number by a person claiming to be from BT. The caller states that hackers are using the resident’s line and that the resident could assist in trapping the hacker. The caller then requests that the resident downloads an App that provide ... [more]


Extortion Scam

Extortion Scam Cyber criminals send victims their own passwords in extortion scam Cyber criminals are attempting to blackmail unsuspecting victims by claiming to have used the victims' password to install spying malware on the victims' computer. The criminals claim they’ve recorded videos of the victim watching adult material by activating their webcam when they visit these we ... [more]


How To Keep The Cyber-Criminals Out

How To Keep The Cyber-Criminals Out Cyber-criminals use weaknesses in software and apps to attack your devices and steal your identity. Software updates are designed to fix these weaknesses and installing them as soon as possible will keep your devices & data secure. Software updates don’t have to get in the way of what you’re doing. You can choose to install them at night, when y ... [more]


Telephone Call Spoofing Scam

Telephone Call Spoofing Scam We received a report from a Melrose resident of their phone number apparently being “hijacked” and used to make numerous nuisance calls. A call was received from a female with an Asian sounding accent, who requested personal details and threatened to cut off the internet connection. On hanging up, the resident was then unable to make outgoing calls and start ... [more]


Vishing Alert

Vishing ALERT It is reported that there has been a noticeable increase in vishing frauds against the elderly. Below is a list of recent vishing fraud incidents in Scotland. 1. The victim is contacted by landline or mobile knowing basic details about who they are and who they bank with. The fraudster uses spoofing so the caller phone number matches numbers used by the banks. The fraudster i ... [more]


Cyber Alert – New Phishing scam

Cyber Alert – New Phishing scam Safer Communities – Cybercrime Prevention The following information has been circulated on behalf of Police Scotland: Police Scotland are raising awareness of a new form of phishing email which is targeting companies and organisations in relation to recruitment and job vacancies. Phishing is when an attacker encourages someone to do 'the wrong th ... [more]


Update to Storm Warning

The Met Office have updated todays YELLOW be aware weather warning for Wind to now include the southern and eastern Borders and this warning is valid until midnight tonight. Whilst the entire region will experience heavy rain this afternoon, the Eastern Borders and Berwickshire coast in particular will see wind gusts increasing during the afternoon up to 50 mph. The potential impacts of this ar ... [more]


Storm Warning

The third named storm of the season will affect the UK this weekend (12th, 13th October). This time the main issue will be heavy rain that will affect the majority of the Scottish Borders on Friday and Saturday and we should not experience any of the high winds that we saw with Storm Ali. The Met office have issued two YELLOW be aware weather warning for rain for the Scottish Borders. Friday ... [more]


Tarmacking Scam - Kelso

Tarmacking Scam - Kelso On Wednesday 19th September a large house near Kelso was targeted by scammers who offered to carry out tarmac driveway repairs. The work that was carried out was not in-line with that agreed, apparently over-priced and of poor standard. Information has been passed to Trading Standards. We DO NOT recommend engaging with any doorstep cold-callers selling goods or ... [more]


Fake TV Licensing emails

Watch out for these fake TV Licensing emails. We’ve seen a sharp increase in reports about fake TV Licensing emails claiming to offer refunds. The emails state that the refund cannot be processed due to “invalid account details”. The links provided in the emails lead to phishing websites designed to steal personal and financial details. Always question unsolicited requests for your persona ... [more]


Security Warning – SCAMS

Security Warning – SCAMS Following a recent increase in specific reports from NWS members across Scotland of apparent SCAM attempts from cold callers purporting to be from BT / BT Openreach and attempting to gain personal details and remote access to home computers we are highlighting the following: These callers suggest there is an issue with the line / internet connectivity or that the servi ... [more]


SGN – Gas Safety Advice

SGN – Gas Safety Advice SGN has pledged its support for this year’s Gas Safety Week (17-23 September 2018). This week SGN want to raise awareness of gas safety to help reduce the number of dangerous gas appliances in homes across the UK and keep everyone and their families gas safe – far too many people in the UK are victims of preventable gas related incidents. Gas Safety Week is also a ... [more]


Fake Netflix E-mails

Watch out for these fake Netflix emails. We’ve seen an increase in reports about fake Netflix emails claiming that there’s an issue with your account, or that your account has been suspended. The email states that you need to “update” your account details in order to resolve the problem. The link in the emails leads to genuine-looking Netflix phishing websites designed to steal your username a ... [more]


Cyber Security Advice

Cyber Security Advice The following advice was recently published in the finance section of a National newspaper. It lists 6 important points worthy of highlighting: 1. Be vigilant. It is a chore but checking your bank statements regularly is essential. Call the bank if unsure about a transaction. Also use a credit checking agency for a one-off free check to ensure no one is using your per ... [more]


Rural Crime - Fuel Theft - West Linton

Rural Crime - Fuel Theft - West Linton Following the theft of 1000 litres of fuel oil from a rural location near West Linton we would offer the following prevention advice:- • Locking your fuel tank cut off valve with a strong closed shackle padlock and chain. • If the tank is situated outside consider building a security cage around it. • Locate your fuel tank in a suitable building ... [more]


Pension Scams

Pension scams Following an increase in this specific Scam, Action Fraud have posted the following advice. Pension scammers promise to convert pension funds into cash before retirement, or in some cases they may suggest people can take more than 25% of their pension pot as cash. Pension fraudsters promise to convert pension benefits into cash before age 55. Criminals are believed to b ... [more]


Police Appeal for Witnesses

Sent on behalf of The Lothians and Scottish Borders Division, Police Service of Scotland WITNESS APPEAL FOLLOWING FIRE TO A CARAVAN AT WEST LOCH FARM, BETWEEN PEEBLES AND LEADBURN Were you in the area near West Loch Farm, off the A703 between 3.45pm and 8pm on Saturday the 11th August 2018? Did you see or hear anything suspicious? A caravan parked near the main farm road has been set on fir ... [more]


Scam Alert - Fake British Gas E-mails

Watch out for these fake British Gas refund emails. We’ve had an increase in reports about fake British Gas emails claiming to offer refunds. The links provided in the emails lead to genuine-looking British Gas phishing websites that are designed to steal the usernames and passwords for British Gas accounts. Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in ... [more]


Gift Card Scam

Gift Card Scam The following message has been circulated by Retailers Against Crime and contains some important information: There has been a marked increase in the number of members of the public being cold called by fraudsters claiming to be officials from various government departments advising they have an outstanding debt to a government agency such as HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and ... [more]


Adults At Risk

Adult Support and Protection Campaign - “Seen Something? Say Something” • Adult harm can take many forms from neglect, physical, psychological, sexual or financial exploitation. • Adults particularly at risk of harm are those who may not be able to look after themselves through factors such as personal circumstances, physical or learning disability, age or illness and infirmity. • Act o ... [more]


Fake Linkedin E-mails

Watch out for these fake LinkedIn emails We’ve received multiple reports about these fake LinkedIn emails. They claim that your LinkedIn profile has appeared in multiple searches and provide links you can click on to get more details. These links lead to malicious websites designed to steal your personal and financial details. Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financi ... [more]


Sextortion Scam

Alert: Cyber criminals send victims their own passwords in new sextortion scam The following information has been recently posted by Action Fraud: Cyber criminals are sending victims their own passwords in an attempt to trick them into believing they have been filmed on their computer watching porn and demanding payment. There have been over 110 of reports ma ... [more]


Phishing Alert - Amazon

These fake emails are after your Amazon login details! We’ve had an increased number of reports about these fake emails purporting to be from Amazon. The subject line and content of the emails vary, but they all contain links leading to phishing websites designed to steal your Amazon login details. Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in case it’s a ... [more]


Scam Alert - Fake Argos Texts

Scam Alert - Fake Argos Texts Watch out for these fake Argos texts offering refunds These fake text messages purport to be from Argos and claim that you’re owed a refund. The link in the messages lead to phishing websites designed to steal your personal information, as well as payment details. Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in ca ... [more]


Bogus Workmen Incident In Kelso

Bogus Workmen Incident In Kelso An incident took place in Kelso yesterday (Thursday) when two men attended a house offering to carry out temporary roof repairs. The resident, a man in his eighties, was convinced to pay a four-figure sum in cash for some very minor work. One man is described as white, 40-45, tall, medium build, black hair past his ears, English accent, wearing a blac ... [more]


Scottish Water – Advice

Scottish Water – Advice Customers across Scotland asked to use water wisely 03 July 2018 Scottish Water is asking customers to use water wisely in their daily activities to help maintain supplies during the current period of hot summer weather. Following a sustained dry period without any significant rainfall, customer usage has increased significantly. With the current weather conditio ... [more]


Holiday – Security Advice

Holiday – Security Advice Secure your home whilst you're on holiday. Follow our advice below to help keep your home safe while you are on holiday • Fit good quality kite marked British Standard locks or bolts to all outside doors. Lock all windows and doors and remove the keys to a safe place when you leave the house. • If you have an intruder alarm, make sure it’s set. If you don’t h ... [more]


Follow Up Calls Computer Software Service Fraud

Follow Up Calls Computer Software Service Fraud There is concern that victims of previous Computer Software Service Fraud (CSSF) are being re-targeted for “owed money”. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) reports that CSSF scammers are returning to contact previous victims, requesting that they pay money owed for a fake malware protection service they had provided. Alternatively ... [more]


Watch Out For These Fake Texts About Your Ee Bill

Watch Out For These Fake Texts About Your Ee Bill These fake text messages purport to be from EE and claim that you haven’t paid a bill. The link in the message leads to a phishing website designed to steal your EE account login details, as well as personal & financial information. Don’t be tricked into giving a fraudster access to your personal or financial details. Never automati ... [more]


Courier Fraud

Courier Fraud The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has identified an increasing number of reports submitted to Action Fraud from the public concerning courier fraud. Fraudsters are contacting victims by telephone and purporting to be a police officer or bank official. To substantiate this claim, the caller might be able to confirm some easily obtainable basic details about the victim ... [more]


TSB Phishing Attacks

There has been a sharp rise in fraudsters sending out fake text messages (smishing) and phishing emails claiming to be from TSB. The increase in the number of reports corresponds with the timing of TSB’s computer system update, which resulted in 1.9 million users being locked out of their accounts. Opportunistic fraudsters are using TSB’s system issue to target people with this type of fraud. ... [more]


TSB Port Out Alert

There has been an increase in reports made in May by TSB customers relating to “port-out” fraud. Fraudsters are number porting a victim’s telephone number to a SIM card under their control and then using the number to access the victim’s bank accounts. The increase in the number of reports corresponds with the timing of TSB’s computer system update, which resulted in 1.9 million users being ... [more]


Drivewise Older Drivers Refresher Session

Drivewise Older Drivers Refresher Session Selkirk, Victoria Halls (Lesser) Wed 30th May 10:30-12:30 Come along to the FREE session to find out about • Advances in motor vehicle technology • Safe driving practices • Book a FREE refresher drive with qualified advanced driving instructors • FREE Highway code, Drivewise booklet, Windsreen Scraper, Keyring & pen ! No need to book up i ... [more]


SEPA - Vulnerable Area Consultation

SEPA – Consultation Scotland’s Potentially Vulnerable Areas – your views count! The Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s (SEPA’s) national consultation on the designation of areas which are potentially vulnerable to flooding is now open, and SEPA want your views. Potentially Vulnerable Areas (PVAs) are where significant flood risk exists now or is likely to occur in the future. They ... [more]


Keyless Cars - Relay Theft Warning

Keyless Cars - Relay Theft Warning Following recent concerns raised by one of our NW co-ordinators we thought it appropriate to circulate the following information / advice. Keyless Theft or Relay Theft continues to be a growing issue. In fact vehicle security experts estimate 68 per cent of stolen cars are now taken after being "electronically compromised". What is keyless the ... [more]


TV Providers Discount Fraud

TV Providers Discount Fraud The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) have noticed an increase in Action Fraud reports where fraudsters are offering a discount on Television service provider subscriptions. Fraudsters are cold-calling victims, purporting to be from a Television (TV) provider offering a discount on their monthly subscription. Victims have been told the following: their ... [more]


What you need to know about phishing

What you need to know about phishing TEXT VERSION: What is phishing? Fraudulently sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to trick individuals into revealing personal information, such as passwords and financial information. Phishing can also be carried out over text messages (smishing) and phone calls (vishing). Links Don’t click on the links in unsolic ... [more]


FIFA 2018 World Cup Alert

FIFA 2018 World Cup Alert The 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place from 14th June – 15th July 2018. The worldwide demand for match tickets, flight tickets, and somewhere to stay throughout the competition is expected to be significant. Those planning to travel should exercise caution when considering the purchase of tickets or accommodation because the event is highly likely to be targeted by f ... [more]


FIFA World Cup 2018 Ticket Alert

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place from 14th June – 15th July 2018. The worldwide demand for match tickets is expected to be significant. Action Fraud have been alerted to several websites which are offering World Cup Tickets for sale, some at highly inflated prices. A FIFA spokesperson said: “FIFA regards the illicit sale and distribution of tickets as a very serious issue and it has ... [more]


Fraudulent Cryptocurrency Investments and Fake Endorsements

Fraudulent websites alleging to offer cryptocurrency investments are dishonestly using the image of Martin Lewis, the founder and editor for, as an endorsement for their companies. The adverts using Martin Lewis to promote illicit schemes can be found on social media and other websites. Clicking on the advert takes you to the full article where Martin Lewis image is prese ... [more]


Magazine Advertise Debt Alert

Victims receive a telephone call from someone purporting to be a bailiff enforcing a court judgement, attempting to recover funds for a non-existent debt. The fraudsters state the debt originates from the victim not paying a magazine advertisement subscription. A variety of magazine names and publishers are being used by the fraudsters, who also commonly use the names of certified Bailiff Enf ... [more]


Online Marketplace Fraud Advice

Action Fraud has received several reports indicating that sellers of items on online marketplace websites are falling victim to fraud by bogus buyers. Typically, the bogus buyers contact the seller wanting to purchase the item for sale and advise they will be sending the requested amount via PayPal or other electronic payment method. The seller then receives a fake, but official looking email stat ... [more]


Warning - TV Licence Refund Notification

Warning - TV Licence Refund Notification One of our NW members has reported a recent TV Licence Refund SCAM sent by email and referring to a pending refund. It reads: “After the last annual calculation we have determined that you are eligible to receive a TV Licensing refund of 72.48 GBP. Due to invalid account details records, we were unable to credit your account. Please submit the TV Li ... [more]


Police Scotland – Livestock Worrying Campaign

Police Scotland – Livestock Worrying Campaign The following video is now available for viewing and sharing with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. It contains important safety advice for all dog owners and outlines the distress caused to sheep and consequences of allowing uncontrolled dogs near sheep/ livestock. Remember: • Be a responsible dog owner • Keep your dog under control an ... [more]


HMRC Phone Scam

Alert: Fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC Following a reported incident from a local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator who received a cold call purporting to be from HM Revenue and Customs stating that court proceedings were being taken regarding a Tax Debt and directing the person to press 1 on the phone key pad to speak to the Police for confirmation we are issuing the following advice: ... [more]


Police Scotland - Bogus Telephone Scam - Scottish Borders

Police Scotland - Bogus Telephone Scam - Scottish Borders A resident in the Scottish Borders was contacted by a male claiming to be from Nationwide over the weekend, he stated there had been fraudulent activity on their account and that they needed to transfer money into a different account to prevent further fraudulent activity. Unfortunately attempts at telephone fraud remain a common o ... [more]


NFIB Alert - False Telephone Preference Service Calls

False claims of Telephone Preference Service:b Fraudsters are cold-calling victims, falsely stating that they are calling from one of the well-known UK telecommunication service providers. They call victims claiming to provide a ‘Telephone Preference Service’ - an enhanced call-barring service, which includes barring international call centres. The fraudsters ask victims to confirm/p ... [more]


HMRC Phone Scam

We have been made aware of an HMRC telephone scam which has been used to target local residents and seems to be aimed at the elderly in particular. A recorded message is left, allegedly from HMRC, stating that HMRC are bringing a lawsuit against the individual and is going to sue them. The recipient is asked to phone 0161 8508494 and press “1” to speak to the officer dealing with the case. This ... [more]


Weather Update on 1st March

Weather Update The Met Office Red Alert has now expired and the existing amber weather warning for snow valid from 10:15 on Wednesday 28th February is being extended until 10:00 on Friday 2nd of March affecting Highland, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Moray, Angus, Clackmannanshire, Dundee, Falkirk, Fife, Perth and Kinross, Stirling, East Lothian, Edinburgh, Midlothian Council, Scottish Borders, West ... [more]


Amber Avoid Travel Warning

Amber avoid travel warning People are being urged to avoid travel in the areas affected by the amber warning for snow which will affect parts of Scotland over the coming days. The Met Office has issued an updated amber warning, valid from 06.00 on Wednesday morning until 18.00 on Thursday, covering Highland, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Moray, Angus, Clackmannanshire, Dundee, Falkirk, Fife, Perth ... [more]


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Fraud – Schools Targeted

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Fraud – Schools Targeted The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has seen an increase in recent weeks in the volume of CEO Fraud reports whereby schools are the targeted victim. This has resulted in substantial financial losses for several schools that have fallen victim to this type of fraud. A school is targeted by a fraudster who purports to be the H ... [more]


Flight Ticket Fraud

Flight Ticket Fraud Fraudsters are attempting to entice victims who are looking for cheap flights abroad. Victims have reported booking tickets via websites or a “popular” ticket broker, only to discover that after payment via bank transfer or electronic wire transfer, the tickets/booking references received are counterfeit. In some cases, all communications between the company or broker an ... [more]


Phantom Debt Fraud Alert

Phantom Debt Fraud Action Fraud has recently experienced an increase in the number of calls to members of the public by fraudsters requesting payments for a “phantom” debt. The fraud involves being cold-called by someone purporting to be a debt collector, bailiff or other type of enforcement agent. The fraudster may claim to be working under instruction of a court, business or other body and ... [more]


Be Aware - UK Finance PSD2 & Open Banking

Regulatory changes mean that you may increasingly be offered new financial services to give you more choice and control over your finances. To use these services, you will be asked to give consent to your bank or another provider to access your financial data or to make payments on your behalf. Please ensure that you are aware of these changes and how they may affect you by visiting the websit ... [more]


The Twelve Days of Christmas – Festive Advice

The Twelve Days of Christmas – Festive Advice • When you’re out for the evening make sure someone knows where you are going and when you’ll be home • Avoid walking home alone and never with someone you don’t know • Drink responsibly and arrange for a member of your group to be a designated driver • Never get into an unlicensed taxi • Don’t leave presents under your Christmas tree if ... [more]


Phone Scam

A resident in the Scottish Borders received an automated call stating that HMRC were going to bring a court case against her. The automated voice was female. The automated message asked her to press 1 to discuss with a court officer. The resident has terminated the call at this point realising that it was a scam. The automated message came from phone number 0161 850 7883. This scam is widely ... [more]


Government Grant Attempted Fraud

Individuals and businesses are being warned to watch out for cold calls and online contact from fraudsters who are offering victims the opportunity to apply for Government grants for an advance fee. To make the grants look legitimate fraudsters have set up bogus companies and convincing looking websites that claim to be operating on behalf of the UK Government. Fraudsters cold call busine ... [more]


Spoof E-mails

A resident in the Scottish Borders has received a succession of spoof emails supposedly coming from Police. They are quite authentic looking at a first glance and have a Police.UK, Crime and Policing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland masthead. Some came from ‘Molex Incorporated’. They generally state ‘You are summoned to court’ and invite you to click to read a ‘subpoena’ and some have a ... [more]


Message from NHS Borders Public Health

Statement from NHS Borders Joint Director of Public Health “Tests are currently underway to establish the active ingredients in a batch of opiate like drugs which are thought to have led to the admission of a number of people to the Borders General Hospital over the weekend. There are significant risks associated with this batch which is believed to have been circulating in the Galashiels ... [more]


Illegal Dumping

Illegal Warehouse Dumping Crimestoppers charity asks public to speak up anonymously about illegal warehouse dumping Independent charity Crimestoppers is today 04.12.17 launching a campaign encouraging the public and waste industry to speak up anonymously about illegal waste dumped in warehouses. In Scotland, criminals are using warehouses and farm buildings to illegally dispose of la ... [more]


Bogus Workmen in the Borders

BOGUS WORKMEN INCIDENT IN INNERLEITHEN The incident took place around 1.30pm yesterday (Wednesday) when three men attended a house claiming that the property required extensive repairs to the roof and guttering. They quoted the resident, a woman in her seventies, a four-figure sum then offered her a discount to go ahead with the sale before demanding the money upfront. She has handed over ... [more]


Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Newsletter 17

Newsletter Published 29th November 2017 Newsletter 17 ... [more]


Online Shopping Security

How To Shop Online Safely Check the web address Always check you’re on the correct website. Criminals can set up fake websites that have a similar design and web address to the genuine site. Is it a secure connection? Web pages you enter personal or financial details into should display a locked padlock sign and have a web address that starts with https. This means your connection to the ... [more]


Cyber Security

Have you installed the latest software updates? Install the latest software and app updates on all of your devices. These updates often contain important security upgrades which help protect your device from viruses and hackers. Do you want to know more? CyberProtect now has pages on Facebook and Twitter. Follow us now for more advice and support. ... [more]


Employment Fraud Alert

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has identified a number of reports where job seekers are being targeted by fraudsters trying to obtain personal and banking details from them, or requesting money to secure accommodation. Individuals registering with job seeking websites or searching for jobs on The Student Room website are being contacted by bogus recruitment companies/businesses ... [more]


Netflix Scam

There is currently a huge phishing scam ongoing targeting Netflix account holders. Like a lot of phishing scams these emails are creating a sense of ‘account urgency’ and threatening to suspend accounts users. The email header reads “Your Suspension Notification” The look and feel of the email has a Netflix feel and design to it and threatens to suspend the account in 48hrs, the tone and dict ... [more]


Resilience Advice – Ready Scotland

Resilience Advice – Ready Scotland This week, the Scottish Government is running its annual campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of fostering resilience as individuals, families, communities and businesses. Nobody likes to think about the worst case scenario. As the nights begin to draw in, planning for what you might do in the event of severe weather or a cyber-security breach might ... [more]


Phantom Debt Collectors and Bailiffs Fraud Alert

Phantom Debt Collectors and Bailiffs Fraud Alert Action Fraud has recently experienced an increase in the number of calls to members of the public by bogus bailiffs requesting payments for a “phantom” debt. The fraud involves being cold-called by someone purporting to be a bailiff working on behalf of a court, attempting to recover funds for a non-existent debt. The caller will request pay ... [more]


Inheritance fraud / Scam

Inheritance fraud / Scam Inheritance fraud is when you are told that someone very rich has died and you’re in line to receive a huge inheritance. A fraudster who claims to be a lawyer from overseas or some other legal official sends you an email or a letter. They tell you that a person sharing your family name has died and left behind a vast amount of money. (one circulating presently in Scot ... [more]


Bogus Telephone Calls

Police in the Scottish Borders are issuing a warning to the public after an elderly female was contacted by a male attempting to defraud her of money. The female received a phone call from a male with an accent which was believed to be Glaswegian. The male stated that an attempt had been made to fraudulently remove funds from her account. The male requested that she attend at her local branch ... [more]


Bogus Caller in Kelso

Police in the Scottish Borders are appealing for information and issuing a warning to the public after an elderly man was defrauded of several thousand pounds in Kelso. An 85-year-old man was within his home in Tweedsyde Park on Monday 30th October when a male attended at the property and advised they were there to check the security on his computer. After being given access to the house and a ... [more]


Break in and Theft of Motocross Bike

BREAK-IN AND THEFT OF MOTORCROSS BIKE, SCOTTISH BORDERS The incident happened sometime between 8 p.m. on Sunday 29th and 7.30 a.m. on Monday 30th October at the Wedderlie House farm. Entry was forced to a shed before a quad bike and motorcross bike were removed. The quad was recovered on the property, however the bike remains missing and inquiries are ongoing to recover it and trace those ... [more]


Cyber Resilience – Get Safe Online Week

Cyber Resilience – Get Safe Online Week Phishing is a scam where criminals typically send emails to thousands of people pretending to come from banks, credit card companies, online shops and auction sites as well as other trusted organisations. Don’t be tricked into going to a fraudulent site through a phishing email – it may look exactly like the real thing but is actually a fake, designed t ... [more]


Prospective Modelling Fraud

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have recently noticed that Fraudsters have been setting up fake adverts on social media (including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) and job browsing websites to dupe people into believing they are recruiting for prospective models. Once victims show interest in the job, the fraudsters contact potential victims on the false promise ... [more]


Concern re Missing Man in East Lothian

Police in East Lothian are searching for James Andrew Young. James is a 30 year old male originally from Haddington. He was last seen at 07:10 hours this morning near to Nunraw Old Abbey, near Gifford. He is described as being 5'8" slim build, with short dark hair, wearing a khaki jacket, khaki trousers and navy trainers. He may be driving a Mercedes ML120 silver colour registration ... [more]


Weather Update at 11am Tuesday 17th October

Met Office – Forecast Update Winds are starting to ease in the west and southwest, the Yellow Warning for Wind has recently been updated with these areas removed. The warning now covers the Lothians & Borders, Fife and eastern parts of Forth Valley and Lanarkshire, and is valid through until 1500 this afternoon. It is still assessed as low likelihood of medium impacts. Below are the hi ... [more]


Hare Coursing

We received a report of hare coursing that occurred near Coldstream on Sunday afternoon. A blue Subaru Forrester vehicle was seen with three men and lurcher type dogs near to Skathmuir Farm. The incident is under investigation. Hare coursing is the hunting of hares using dogs; it is an offence and causes distress to wildlife and dogs and damage to farmland. This is most likely to occur ... [more]


Potential Phishing Email Scam Warning

Potential Phishing Email Scam Warning Following the recent disclosure by credit reporting company Equifax Inc. that hackers gained access to some of its systems, compromising the personal information of some 143 million U.S. customers and potentially some UK customers there is, as a result, the potential for an increase in Phishing emails (falsely posing as genuine company) with credit related ... [more]


Pet Fraud Alert

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have recently noticed a rise in the reporting of pets, and in particular puppies and kittens, being advertised for sale via popular online auction websites. The fraudsters will place an advert of the pet for sale, often claiming that the pet is currently held somewhere less accessible or overseas. Upon agreement of a sale, the suspect ... [more]


Crimestoppers Road Safety Campaign

26th June 2017 Crimestoppers Scotland urges public to give information on regular drink drivers. Crimestoppers Scotland is today launching national summer campaign to encourage the public to speak up about drink driving. Figures from crime-fighting charity have revealed that information from members of the public regarding the offence is on the rise in the north of Scotland. In ... [more]


Reassurance Message from Police Scotland

Message from Assistant Chief Constable Nelson Telfer Following the incident of Monday 19 June 2017 in Finsbury Park, London, I assure you that Police Scotland remains united with all communities. Obviously this comes soon after the attacks in London and Manchester as well as other attacks abroad. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected. While we understand that the public wi ... [more]


Counter Terrorism Awareness Week

Police Scotland has launched a targeted week of action to promote counter-terrorism activity across the country. The Counter Terrorism Awareness Week forms part of the UK Counter Terrorism Policing Networks Initiative and is co-ordinated by the National CT Policing Headquarters. From Monday 12th until Sunday 18th June, specialist and local officers will be working together along with a numbe ... [more]


Vehicle Online Shopping Fraud

Fraudsters have been advertising vehicles and machinery for sale on various selling platforms online. The victims, after communicating via email with the fraudster, will receive a bogus email which purports to be from an established escrow provider (a third party who will keep the payment until the buying and selling parties are both happy with the deal). These emails are designed to persuade v ... [more]


Wedding Services Fraud

With the upcoming “Wedding Season”, and for those individuals who are considering making plans for next year and beyond, you should be aware of the potential risks of fraud involved. According to ‘’, in 2017 the average wedding cost spend is approximately £30,111. This will be paid out to multiple vendors, including; photographers, caterers, reception venues and travel c ... [more]


Phone Scams

On Friday 2nd June 2017 an 87-year-old male from the Scottish Borders received a missed call from 001843843845 with a message stating that it was HMRC and there was an Arrest Warrant issued for him. He has tried to call the number back but it would not connect. On Saturday afternoon a call has been received from 02037697847 on answering a male described as having a Pakistani accent has stated he w ... [more]


Recent Scam – Government Gateway

Recent Scam – Government Gateway A recent SCAM has been reported to NWS via a member relating to a refund entitlement from HM Revenue and Customs based on an alleged recalculation of personal “fiscal activity “. The notification is sent by email and invites the recipient to claim the refund directly onto their credit /debit card by clicking on a listed gateway link. Warning: • The G ... [more]


Smishing Fraud Alert

Smishing – the term used for SMS phishing – is an activity which enables criminals to steal victims’ money or identity, or both, as a result of a response to a text message. Smishing uses your mobile phone (either a smartphone or traditional non-internet connected handset) to manipulate innocent people into taking various actions which can lead to being defrauded. The National Fraud Intelligen ... [more]


Reassurance Statement from Police Scotland

Manchester attack statement from Chief Constable Gormley Statement from Chief Constable Phil Gormley following the Manchester terror attack on Monday evening. Chief Constable Phil Gormley said: “My thoughts and those of everyone at Police Scotland continue to be with those who have lost loved ones or who were injured in the attack in Manchester. “With the threat level now at Critical, we h ... [more]


WannaCry Ransomware Scammers

Action Fraud has received the first reports of Tech-Support scammers claiming to be from Microsoft who are taking advantage of the global WannaCry ransomware attack. One victim fell for the scam after calling a ‘help’ number advertised on a pop up window. The window which wouldn’t close said the victim had been affected by WannaCry Ransomware. The victim granted the fraudsters remote access to t ... [more]


Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Newsletter April 2017

The latest Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Newsletter is out. This edition reflects a number of the positive changes since 2016, such as changes to our Team and Board, strengthening our key partnerships and our increasing focus on the things that communities have raised as a concern or interest when we have met with them. A vital step in providing you with more locally relevant information has ... [more]


Cyber Resilience Information

The following message has been sent to NWS from the Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Team: Protecting Yourself and Your Community Online Are you resilient in the online world? Protecting our families, neighbourhoods, and businesses from cyber attacks is everyone’s responsibility. There is no silver bullet to defend against cyber criminals, but by getting the cyber basics ... [more]


Ransomware Attack

Following the ransomware cyber attack on Friday 12 May which affected the NHS and is believed to have affected other organisations globally, the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has issued an alert urging both individuals and businesses to follow protection advice immediately and in the coming days. Ransomware is a form of malicious software (Malware) that enables cyb ... [more]


Phone Scam

An elderly resident in the Scottish Borders received a call from a male stating they were due over £4000 from the European Lottery. The resident had previously played the European Lottery. The male caller stated that they needed to buy £450 of iTunes vouchers to release the money. Over a few days the scammers called the resident to get the voucher codes. This and similar scams are becoming ... [more]


Tourists Confronted by Fake Police Officers

There has been a series of recent incidents reported to Action Fraud where a lone fraudster has approached victims whom they believe to be unfamiliar with the local area. They make an excuse to talk to the victims such as enquiring about directions or offering a recommendation for a good hotel. After this interaction, several other fraudsters will intervene purporting to be police officers in ... [more]


Wonga Data Breach

Wonga has confirmed a data breach where up to 250,000 accounts have been compromised. The incident is now being investigated by the police and has been reported to the Financial Conduct Authority. Wonga has updated their website with further information and confirmed that they are contacting all those affected and are taking steps to protect them, but there are also some things you can do to k ... [more]


Phoney Phone Scam

We have received a report from a Scottish Borders in relation to a scammer claiming to be from BT. The scammers posed as a BT technician, calling the resident stating that there was a technical fault with their broadband connection. The resident questioned how they knew he was actually from BT; the scammer was able to provide sufficient information to convince the resident that they were legi ... [more]


Law Abiding Citizen Alert

Fraudsters are sending out a high volume of phishing emails to personal and business email addresses, pretending to come from various email addresses, which have been compromised. The subject line contains the recipient’s name, and the main body of text is as below: “Hi, ! I am disturbing you for a very serious reason. Although we are not familiar, but I have significant amount of indi ... [more]


Telephone Banking Fraud

A man claiming to be from the Royal Bank of Scotland Fraud Section contacted an elderly man in the Peebles area by telephone. The male caller stated that their account had been compromised and suggested that it was the local branch of the bank that were passing the details. The male caller stated the police were already aware and asked them to transfer money into a holding account. Contact was m ... [more]


Phone Call Banking Scam

A resident in the Scottish Borders has received a phone call from a male claiming to work for the fraud department which covers numerous banks. The resident has been informed that a strange transaction has occurred on their account and the fraud department need to stop it and safe guard remaining funds. A few phone calls have been made and then the resident has been persuaded to transfer funds i ... [more]


Spoof Emails from Amazon

Action Fraud has received several reports from victims who have been sent convincing looking emails claiming to be from Amazon. The spoofed emails from “” claim recipients have made an order online and mimic an automatic customer email notification. In one example below, the scam email claims recipients have ordered an expensive vintage chandelier. Other reported exampl ... [more]


Payment Diversion Alert

Payment diversion alert Fraudsters are emailing members of the public who are expecting to make a payment for property repairs. The fraudsters will purport to be a tradesman who has recently completed work at the property and use a similar email address to that of the genuine tradesman. They will ask for funds to be transferred via bank transfer. Once payment is made the victims of the scam s ... [more]


Facebook Scams

We have received information regarding a couple of further scams that have affected people in the Scottish Borders. The first relates to emails allegedly from Facebook, which inform you that you have a friend request. When you check on Facebook itself (rather than clicking on the link in the email) there is no friend request. This is an example of a phising email that is trying to direct you ... [more]


Fake Itunes and Netflix E-mails

We have received a number of reports from Scottish Borders residents regarding bogus emails, purporting to be from Itunes, indicating that a £35 subscription to Netflix has been mistakenly debited from your account.. This is a “phishing” scam where if a link in the email is followed you will be taken to a fake website and required to input your account and card details. Always be wary of ... [more]


Fake Amazon E-mails

Action Fraud has received several reports from victims who have been sent convincing looking emails claiming to be from Amazon. The spoofed emails from “” claim recipients have made an order online and mimic an automatic customer email notification. The scam email claims recipients have ordered an expensive vintage chandelier. Other reported examples include: Bose stereos, i ... [more]


Lloyd's Bank Fake Letters Warning

Lloyds customers should be on the lookout for a new sophisticated fraud that involves fraudsters sending fake bank letters. The convincing letters being sent are a replica template from Lloyds and include their logo, address and signature from a customer service representative. The letter tells recipients that there have been some “unusual transactions” on their personal account and asks th ... [more]


Thefts from Vans Overnight

Six thefts or attempted thefts from vans in the Duns (including Hawthorn Bank, Glebe Park and Station road) and Reston (Main Street) areas have been reported to us overnight. Thieves have been targeting vehicles that were likely to have tools and other equipment stored in them. Motorcycle parts and a Stihl saw are among the items taken. Investigations linked to a suspicious vehicle are ongoin ... [more]


Hare Coursing in Berwickshire

Two incidents of suspected Hare Coursing have been reported to us this morning.(7th December) A white Ford Transit registration BN07 HPZ containing 3 males and dogs was seen last seen on farmland between Birgham and Eccles. A Mercedes Silver Estate registration X46 DVV was seen near Harcarse Farm near Swinton. Enquiries are ongoing, however, if either vehicle (or other vehicles in sim ... [more]


Scam Phone Call

A member of the community has received a phone call from a male advising them that there is a mandatory requirement to fit a gas alarm and if they do not they could be fined £5000. The caller has gone on to state they could fit the alarm for £150. Please be aware of any contact whether by phone, text, email or in person where someone threatens imminent action. No legitimate company or firm w ... [more]


Hare Coursing

We received three reports of hare coursing in the East Berwickshire area yesterday. Two 4x4 vehicles (one a blue Subaru), several men and lurcher type dogs were reported near Grantshouse, Ayton and Chirnside. These incidents are under investigation. Hare coursing is the hunting of hares using dogs; it is an offence and causes distress to wildlife and dogs and damage to farmland. This i ... [more]


Hallowe'en Safety Tips

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland wishes everyone an enjoyable Halloween, however here are some tips to make it a safe one. Parents and young people are asked to consider the following advice if out and about trick or treating: • Plan your route • If you have a mobile phone, make sure you look after it so that parents/guardian can keep in touch • Stay in well-lit areas and carry a torch • ... [more]


Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Newsletter September 2016

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Newsletter September 2016 Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Newsletter September 2016 ... [more]


Bogus Callers and Workmen

Police Scotland are issuing a warning following three reports of bogus callers targeting residents in East Lothian and the Scottish Borders. The incidents happened in Kirk Park, Dunbar; Callandar Place Cockburnspath and Croft Road, Kelso on Monday 3rd October. In the Kirk Park incident, a 92 year old man was charged an excessive three-figure sum to have some gardening work done. The suspec ... [more]


Bogus Phone Calls

We have received a few complaints regarding phone calls from a company claiming to have been appointed by the health board. In one instance the caller stated the required bank details in order to remove the person from the system. In the second call they were trying to sell health supplements. On a daily basis our communities are being regularly contacted by a variety of companies, it can b ... [more]


Phishing E-mail Alert

There is a phishing email currently in circulation that claims to be from the City of London Police. The departments that it claims to represent include the ‘Fraud Intelligence Unit’ and the ‘National Fraud Intelligence Bureau’. The email is titled ‘compensation fund’ and has a letter attachment that claims to be offering financial compensation to victims of fraud. The letter uses the City of Lond ... [more]


BT Phone Call Scam

Residents in the Scottish Borders have received phone calls from both male and female callers claiming to be from BT, the callers tell the resident they have been the recipient of unwanted/malicious files. The caller goes on to state that these files would corrupt the system, affect the working speed, affect the speed of the Internet and would ultimately cause the computer to crash. The cal ... [more]


Bank Scam in Duns Area

A resident in the Duns area has received a phone call from a male identifying himself as Mr David and claiming to be from the bank. Mr David has asked the resident to transfer a 6 figure sum of money into a NatWest account to protect his savings stating that his account had been compromised. No money was transferred and the incident has been reported to RBS and NatWest. This incident highligh ... [more]


Fraudsters Selling Non-Existent Drones

Online shopping websites are being utilised by fraudsters to advertise nonexistent drones of various specifications for competitive prices. Drones are personal flying devices that often carry cameras and can be navigated remotely by smartphones or hand-held controllers. Fraudsters are capitalising on their recent popularity and advertising non-existent drones at a lower value than their recomme ... [more]


Advance Fee Fraud

People selling their items on online platforms are falling victim to a new type of advance fee fraud. This involves a fraudster, posing as a buyer, sending an email to the seller (victim), agreeing to the full asking price of the item. They state that they are unable to collect the item themselves and will arrange for a courier to pick it up instead. The fraudster then sends a fake payment co ... [more]


Police Report for May and June 2016

Police Report for May/June 2016 The statistics are for May/June 2016. The July statistics are not yet published available. Pleasingly again there have been few recorded Police incidents of any note for the Maxton and Mertoun Community Council area since the date of the last Community Council meeting in May. Two Community Wardens have been recruited for the Scottish Borders area in May and ... [more]


Upgrade Fraud

Fraudsters are impersonating telephone service providers and contacting their clients offering a phone upgrade on a low monthly payment contract. The fraudsters will glean all your personal and financial details which will then be used to contact the genuine phone provider and order a new mobile phone handset. The fraudsters will either intercept the delivery before it reaches the victim’s address ... [more]


Text Message Scam

We have received information regarding a potential text scam. A resident in the Scottish Borders received a text message from TAXOFFICE (+44829633423) making them aware that they were entitled to a tax rebate for 2015. The text message advised them to follow a link to process this rebate. This link directed the person to an e-form with similar appearance to an HMRC form however the web address ... [more]


PPI/ITunes Scam

We have received a report of a telephone fraud in the area whereby the female caller said that she was calling from a Claims Advisory Group and that a £2900 PPI refund was due. Unusually, the victim was advised that they would have to pay £175 in iTunes vouchers to the company solicitor when he would attend later that day to drop of the cheque. A man subsequently phoned stating he was from the sa ... [more]


Missing Man in Borders Area Found Safe & Well

Missing Man in Borders Area Found Safe & Well. Message sent by Kirsty Neish (Police Scotland, Constable, Scottish Borders) ... [more]


Inheritance Fraud

Inheritance fraud usually occurs when you are told that someone very rich has died and you are in line to receive a huge inheritance. A fraudster who claims to be a Business Relations Manager from an overseas bank or legal official contacts you through email or a letter stating that a person sharing your family name has died and left behind a vast amount of money. The fraudster suggests that as yo ... [more]


Fraudulent Phone Calls from RBS

We received a report yesterday regarding a fraudulent RBS telephone call in the Reston area. The man on the phone claimed to be from the RBS fraud unit and stated that their bank account had been compromised and that they should transfer money into another account meantime. The caller was extremely professional and was able to quote sort codes and account numbers etc.. The telephone number also ... [more]


Bogus Workmen at Ettrickbridge

On Tuesday 28/06/2016 an elderly resident in Ettrickbridge has been targeted by two men who have carried out overpriced casual gardening work and then persuaded the victim to drive to the bank to withdraw significant funds for payment. Fortunately, vigilant bank staff have become suspicious and no money has changed hands and the matter has been reported to Police. The matter is currently under in ... [more]


Rio 2016 Olympic Tickets Fraud

The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro begin on 6th August 2016 and as of late June, you will be able to purchase tickets from the Rio 2016 ticket offices. Purchasing from an unauthorised seller or a ticket tout could leave you out of pocket; not only are the tickets advertised at inflated prices, but there is also a risk that the tickets purchased are counterfeit or do not exist. Any individual wit ... [more]


Fake Letter Boxes

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has noticed an increase in reports of fraudsters placing fake letter boxes on residential properties in an attempt to harvest the mail. Residents are sometimes unaware of the fake letterbox as the fraudsters will periodically remove the item, which may leave notable markings. The mail is then used to open various lines of credit with financial provider ... [more]


Phishing Campaign Targetting Students

A new phishing campaign which has hit students of UK universities claims that the student has been awarded an educational grant by the Department for Education. The email purports to have come from the finance department of the student’s university and tricks the recipient into clicking on a link contained in the message to provide personal and banking details. One victim reported that after ... [more]


Counterfeit Cheques Scam

Businesses are being contacted for the sale of goods or services by fraudsters, who request to pay by cheque. The fraudster sends a cheque with a higher value than the amount expected, and then sends the business a request for the difference with instructions on how it should be paid back. This is usually by bank transfer or through a money transfer service, such as Western Union or PaySafe. Once ... [more]


Slip-in Thefts Warning

Police Scotland are highlighting to residents in the Scottish Borders the need to be extra vigilant following reports of slip-in thefts to residential properties over the weekend. Two residential properties in Melrose and Innerleithen were subject to slip-in thefts whilst residents where still at home. Inspector Tony Hodges said - "With the warmer weather now upon us, residents shoul ... [more]


Police Report for April 2016

Maxton and Mertoun Community Council Date of meeting: 19/05/2016 The statistics are for April 2016. The May statistics are not yet published available. There have been no incidents of note for the Maxton and Mertoun Ward area since the date of the last meeting in April, 2016. The new public survey entitled ‘Your View Counts’ was launched on 7 April. Information on this can be found o ... [more]


Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Newsletter May 2016

You can read the newsletter at: Newsletter May 2016 ... [more]


Apple iCloud Phishing Scam

Fraudsters are sending phishing texts and e-mail messages to members of the public, claiming to be from Apple. The messages typically state that the recipient’s iCloud or iTunes account is out of date and that they need to follow a link to avoid account suspension. Once the link has been followed, victims are prompted for personal information, such as their bank account details. Protect Yours ... [more]


Unlocked Vehicles in Jedburgh

This information has been sent on behalf of Scottish Borders Council Owners of vehicles in Jedburgh town centre have reported returning to their car to find that it was no longer locked. These vehicles had been secured by their owners prior to being left unattended. The cause of this 'unlocking' is currently unknown and is being investigated by local officers. Police Scotland ask t ... [more]


Purchasing Pets Online

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have noticed a rise in the reporting of pets, and in particular puppies and kittens, being advertised for sale via popular online auction websites. The fraudsters will place an advert of the pet for sale, often claiming that the pet is currently held somewhere less accessible or overseas. Upon agreement of a sale, the suspect will usua ... [more]


Scam calls re RBS

We have received two reports (one from the public and one via NFUS) regarding fraudulent calls in the Jedburgh an Kelso areas. The man on the phone claimed to be from RBS and stated that their bank account had been compromised and that they should transfer money into another safe account meantime. In one incident the telephone number showed as a genuine RBS number 03457 242424 – however this was ... [more]


Online Extortion Demand Affecting UK Businesses

Online Extortion Demand Affecting UK Businesses Within the past 24 hours a number of businesses throughout the UK have received extortion demands from a group calling themselves ‘Lizard Squad’. Method of Attack: The group have sent emails demanding payment of 5 Bitcoins, to be paid by a certain time and date. The email states that this demand will increase by 5 Bitcoins for each day that ... [more]


Council Tax - Attempted Telephone Scam in Kelso Area

We have received a report a Kelso resident receiving a bogus call from a man claiming to be from Scottish Borders Council saying that she had not paid her April instalment of Council Tax. The man wanted payment over the phone – the resident did not do this as she had paid at the Post Office. Scottish Borders Council will never call people to demand payment of unpaid Council Tax. Please be ve ... [more]


Phishing E-mails

A member of the community in the Scottish Borders has contacted us to let us know they have received a scam email that is purporting to be from Amazon. Phishing emails remain a favourite of cyber thieves . Get Safe Online provides free expert advice on online safety. Below is their advice in relation to Phishing emails. For further information visit their website at https://www.getsafeonlin ... [more]


Online Job Opportunity

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have noticed a rise in the reporting of victims being recruited via Facebook to sell items for suspects on eBay – often stating that it is a quick way of making money. The items are said to be bankrupt stock, purchased via auctions, and need to be sold on quickly. The majority of the items reported have been Apple Mac Book Pro/Elect ... [more]


HMRC Tax Rebate Fraud

Fraudsters are texting members of the public offering a tax rebate. The text message contains a link to a website and requests to provide personal information, such as bank account information, to claim the non-existent rebate. Protect Yourself • Don’t click on web links contained in unsolicited texts or emails. • Never provide your personal information to a third party from an unsolicited ... [more]


Possible Scammer in our Area

Yesterday Police Scotland received 2 calls in relation to a male flagging down passing motorists stating he required money for petrol. The first call was in the Melrose area, the second in the Coldstream area. The male is described as having dark hair, smartly dressed wearing, shirt and blazer, driving a dark car, possibly a BMW. Both callers believed this behaviour to be suspicious. Thi ... [more]


Police Report for March 2016

Maxton and Mertoun Community Council Date of meeting: 21/04/2016 The statistics are for March 2016. The April statistics are not yet published available. There have been no incidents of note for the Maxton and Mertoun Ward area since the date of the last meeting in March, 2016. The new public survey entitled ‘Your View Counts’ was launched on 7 April. Information on this can be found ... [more]


Social Media Ticket Fraud

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has recently received an influx of reports that fraudsters are targeting the public, via social media, in relation to football tickets. Fraudsters are posting pictures or statuses online telling members of the public to contact them via Direct Message for football tickets. This then leads to a mobile messaging conversation. During the conversation, ... [more]


Payment Diversion Alert

Fraudsters are targeting members of the public who are expecting to make a payment for property repairs. The fraudsters, via email, will purport to be a tradesman who has recently completed work at the property and use a similar email address to that of the genuine tradesman. They will ask for funds to be transferred via bank transfer and once payment is made the victims of the fraud soon realise ... [more]


Fake E-mail Addresses

This alert is a reminder to be aware of emails that appear to have been sent from a legitimate organisation. Fraudsters often use fake email addresses designed to encourage recipients to open attachments or links. You are advised that if you are in any doubt as to the origin of an email, do not open it. Consider that emails can be spoofed and used to generate spam to recipients far and wide. If yo ... [more]


Telephone Scam

Message sent by Kirsty Neish (Police Scotland, Constable, Scottish Borders) A male with a foreign accent has been calling households in the Scottish Borders claiming to be from the ‘Justice Department’. When challenged the male did not provide a professional response. On researching the London based number it would appear that a number of people have been receiving calls and are being asked ... [more]


Thefts from Vehicles in Galashiels Area

A number of reports have been received in the Galashiels area regarding theft of tools from works vans. It would appear that a Tibbe key has been used to access these vehicles. We would recommend that high value items are removed from vehicles and stored securely overnight or alternatively vehicles are parked in a secure location. Anyone with information regarding these incidents please c ... [more]


Beware of Bogus Callers

We have received a number of calls in the Peebles area regarding possible bogus callers attempting to sell goods at home addresses sell tools from a white transit van. We have very limited details regarding these males, however we would like to take the opportunity to remind the community that Police Scotland do not recommend dealing with cold callers for property maintenance, home repairs and ... [more]


Police Report for January & February 2016

Maxton and Mertoun Community Council Date of meeting: 24/03/2016 The statistics are for January and February 2016. The March statistics are not yet published available. Pleasingly there have been very few incidents for the Maxton and Mertoun Ward area since the date of the last meeting in January, 2016. Speeding/Road Traffic 6 Road Checks were carried out in the Area du ... [more]


Horse Riders on the Public Roads

Concerns have been reported to us regarding the manner in which some horse riders present on the roads. Remember ... keep to the left keep both hands on the reins unless you are signalling keep both feet in the stirrups not carry another person not carry anything which might affect your balance keep a horse you are leading to your left move in the direction of the traffic flow in a on ... [more]


Driving in Fog

POLICE ADVISE DRIVERS TO BE CAREFUL IN FOG Drivers are being urged to drive more carefully in fog, to slow down, keep headlights on low beam and stay a safe distance from the car in front. Scottish Borders Inspector, John Scott said: "I want to remind drivers to leave plenty of time for their journeys when it's foggy. "If they can't see the road ahead, then it isn ... [more]


Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter March 2016

March Newsletter ... [more]


Telephone Scam - Microsoft AGAIN

A resident in the Scottish Borders has today been subject to a well-known phone scam by a man claiming to be from “Microsoft Technical support”. The man, who had an Indian accent, claimed that he needed to gain access to her computer because her computer as it was sending out signals to the internet. Computer firms will not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix or update your computer ... [more]


Extortion Attempts on Businesses

Action Fraud has received several reports in the last 24 hours from businesses who have been sent online extortion demands from scammers threatening a cyber attack. The scammers, who call themselves the “RepKiller Team”, have been sending emails to businesses across the UK demanding payment of between £300-£500 in Bitcoins by a certain date and time. If the demands are not met, the team ha ... [more]


Housebreakings in the Borders

There have been a number of reported housebreakings in the Scottish Borders this week, in the Heriot, Stow and Lauder areas. This type of crime is often committed during the day when residents are away from their properties. Please report any suspicious activity in your area to Police immediately by phoning 101 or 999 in an emergency. Try and note details of any vehicles involved (make c ... [more]


Good Citizen Award Scam

Action Fraud has been receiving reports of an advanced fee fraud whereby suspects phone a member of the public and claim to be calling on behalf of the UK (or British) Government Grant Department. They go on to state that the individual has won a Good Citizen Award – of typically £8,000 – and that the grant can be released for a fee (of around £210). Fortunately, very few members of the public ... [more]


Protect Yourself from Online Fraud

This is an update to a previous alert sent from Action Fraud in November 2015. Fraudsters are setting up high specification websites advertising various electrical goods and domestic appliances. These goods are below market value and do not exist. The website will state you can pay via card; however when the purchaser goes to pay, this option is not available and the payment must be made via ba ... [more]


Theft of Kawasaki Motor Cycle

A Kawasaki KXF 250 motorcycle off-road motorcycle was stolen from a house in Rosetta Road, Peebles overnight on Sunday 14/02 into Monday 15/02. The seller had advertised the motorbike on Gumtree and may have inadvertently revealed their address. The bike is described as being green/white in colour with a silver frame, black wheel trims and blue radiator hoses. Anyone who has information reg ... [more]


Jedburgh Man Found

We're pleased to confirm that William Notley has been found in a rural area near his hometown of Jedburgh yesterday afternoon.The 58-year-old has been transferred to Borders General Hospital where he is currently being assessed. William was reported missing to police on Monday, February 8, after he left his home address in Bongate Gardens prompting an extensive search of the area. We thank ... [more]


Bogus Telephone Scam

A Coldstream resident received a call today from a man with a foreign accent stating that the resident was able to claim a £1000 grant from the government because they had paid their bills and taxes on time. The male called from phone number 002389001076 and instructed the resident to phone 0232879079 and quote ID number NH917. The resident did the right thing and terminated the call imm ... [more]


Stolen Mountain Bikes - from Bowland

Police are appealing for information following the theft of two high value mountain bikes from a property near the A7 at Bowland sometime between Thursday 4/02/16 and 07/02/16. Both bikes are white coloured ORANGE FIVE PRO Mountain bikes similar to that shown below. Anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious in the area around this time, has information regarding this crime or sees the ... [more]


Rogue Traders and Bogus Trades People after the Floods

In December 2015 the UK was hit by three severe storms resulting in widespread flooding across the North of England and Scotland. The NFIB would like to make flood victims aware of the possible threat that Rogue Traders and Bogus Trades People pose to them. Buying on your doorstep can be convenient. However, a salesman who uses clever tactics can pressurise you into buying something you actual ... [more]


Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Newsletter February 2016

You can read it by clicking on this link: Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Newsletter February 2016 ... [more]


"Your Package Has Been Seized" Royal Mail Scam Email

Fraudsters are sending out virus infected emails that claim a package has been seized by HM Revenue & Customs upon arrival into the United Kingdom. The official looking scam emails claiming to be from Royal Mail contain a link to a document which will install malicious software on your computer designed to steal credentials like account names, email addresses and passwords. An example ema ... [more]


Recovery Room Fraud

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is warning people of the dangers of Recovery Room fraudsters targeting former victims of Timeshare fraud. Recovery Room Fraud refers to a scam whereby fraudsters contact the victims of previous frauds, often by way of cold calling them, and claim to be able to recover previously lost funds. In July 2014 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) estimated ... [more]


Police Report for November & December 2015

Maxton and Mertoun Community Council Date of meeting: 21/01/2016 The statistics are for November & December 2015 (the January 2016 statistics are not yet published). Severe weather has affected the area through December and into the New Year affecting the roads and verges. Please be mindful for your safety and be aware of any road dangers presented by flooding, pot holes, soft verges ... [more]


Bike Thefts across the Borders

Bike Thefts Scottish Borders On the evening of 16/12/2015 there were several high value mountain bikes and off road motorcycles stolen from the Innerleithen area. In the same evening there were tools stolen from vans in the area. The individuals appear very well organised and are able to overcome the security that owners have put in place. These individuals appear to be very successful ... [more]


Ready for Winter?

2014 saw one of the warmest winters on record and the government’s research shows that Scots are generally reluctant to prepare for winter or feel they are already prepared. The same research, however, suggests that Scots are not ready with only 41% having an ice scraper and de-icer in their car. Scots are being encouraged to take time now to prepare for winter rather than wait until severe we ... [more]


Festive Safety Campaign

As part of their festive safety campaign Police Scotland are sending out the following message about home safety which they hope you will share with family and friends. "Thieves know that over Christmas there will be high value presents and maybe more cash in your house than normal. Don’t leave gifts in view of the windows and keep cash in your home to a minimum. If you’re going away fo ... [more]


Festive Cyber Crime Tips

Christmas Shopping Online: It is important to make sure that your personal and financial information is safe when you are making purchases online. Ensuring your details are safe is relatively simple; there are 3 things you need to look out for – Http:// On any website where you are making a purchase or entering any personal information such as address or bank details always make sure ... [more]


Counter Terrorism Awareness Week

Counter Terrorism Awareness Week Today is the third day of Counter Terrorism Awareness Week 2015, a campaign from the police service and partners to inform the public about the terrorism threat; what is being done to tackle it; how communities can help, and offering practical advice about how to stay safe and be vigilant to the threat from terrorism whether at home, in business or online. ... [more]


Action Fraud - Freecycle Alert

Fraudsters are targeting online advertising platforms where items are acquired for free. The fraudsters will list items on the website and advise any purchasers that they have recently moved from the area they were originally living in and can arrange a courier to dispatch the items for a fee. The payment requested for this service is usually via Money Transfer such as MoneyGram or Western Un ... [more]


Scottish Borders Mental Health Needs Assessment Service user stakeholder event

Scottish Borders Mental Health Needs Assessment Service user stakeholder event Wednesday 2 September 2015 10 – 3pm Chaplaincy Centre, Borders General Hospital The Mental Health Needs Assessment was approved by the Mental Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board in June 2015. As part of the process for implementing the recommendations in this, we are holding stakeholder events to consider the p ... [more]


Scams Awareness Month

Phone, online, postal or doorstep. The young, the old and the in-between. Scams come in all shapes and sizes, and affect everyone. Launched in Scotland on Thursday July 2nd, Scams Awareness Month 2015 (SAM 2015) is part of the fightback. Throughout SAM 2015, Citizens Advice Scotland and their member bureaux across the country will be urging people to 'end the call, trash the email, rip-up ... [more]


Neighbourhood Watch Week: Scam Safety Day

“£23.6m was lost in 2014 as a result of people directly transferring money from their own bank account into a fraudster’s” Our friends south of the border, Neighbourhood & Home Watch are also celebrating Neighbourhood Watch Week this week. In partnership with Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK) and with support from the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) they are focus ... [more]


Changes to Electoral Registration - What it means for You

Canvassers knocking on your door in Maxton & District Scottish Borders Council has canvassers calling at homes across the region until the end of March collecting information for the Register of Electors. Householders will be asked to check a pre-printed form, make any necessary corrections and then sign it. All canvassers will be wearing photographic identification and their identit ... [more]


Pension Changes are coming in April 2015; avoid the fraudulent investment risks

HMRC have advised that from April 2015, people over the age of 55 will be given the flexibility of taking a number of smaller lump sum pension pots. 25% of the sum will be tax-free, with the remaining pension fund charged at marginal rate of income tax. If you take out money from your pension fund before the age of 55, the normal tax rules apply. We are concerned that fraudsters will take adv ... [more]


Get Safe Online, Safer Jobs and Action Fraud

Get Safe Online, Safer Jobs and Action Fraud are warning people to take precautions whilst looking for jobs online, to avoid falling victim to scammers. There are a number of different ways in which job-seekers could be defrauded. These range from direct financial scams to misleading job descriptions. Safer-Jobs, the recruitment industry’s counter fraud forum, provide free advice to ensure t ... [more]


Make your Passwords as Secure as Possible

Fraudsters regularly hack into personal online accounts to obtain details which will allow them to defraud you. To prevent fraudsters, it’s very important to use strong passwords when setting up and accessing online accounts and online banking. Passwords should be memorable enough not to have to write them down and long enough to be unique and hard to guess, which will ensure they are less vuln ... [more]


Action Fraud Team

We are the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and financially motivated cyber crime and are run by the City of London Police, working alongside the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. Our specialist team uses information from all of the fraud and cyber crime cases reported to us to create alerts about new types of crime or those which are increasing in severity. Further to the message you ... [more]


Some tips for a safe and enjoyable festive period

Message sent by Peter Kirwan (Neighbourhood Watch Scotland, Communications Officer, Scotland) Sent on behalf of Police Scotland Some tips for a safe and enjoyable festive period Shop Safe Use cash machines in well lit, non-secluded areas and stay alert. Check the machine hasn’t been tampered with, hide your PIN, beware of who’s behind you and keep your cash out of view. When you’re ... [more]


How to Help Scottish Fire & Rescue This Winter

Sent on behalf of Scottish Fire and Rescue This winter the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) wants your help. Neighbourhood Watch talked to Assistant Chief Officer Lewis Ramsay, the SFRS director of prevention and protection, to find out more. He explained: “We know that winter means more house fires than at any other time of year. We need your help, not just to keep your home safe, ... [more]



As you may be aware, Scottish Borders Council has developed a communications system which links in with our Neighbourhood Watch communications system. SBAlert officially launched today, and administrators from Scottish Borders Council, along with Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and the NHS, will now be sending out local safety related messages. As you are already register ... [more]


New Community Constable for Maxton Area

Constable Karen McIlroy has transferred Post and was replaced by Constable John Dawson on 10/10/2014 who will be the Community Constable for your Ward. He will be based at Selkirk Police Station and can be contacted at: Selkirk Police Station Scotts Place Selkirk TD7 4DR Telephone 101. ... [more]


111 - New Out of Hours Number for NHS 24

From 29th April the number for NHS 24 is 111. This is a free number on all phones and should be used instead of the old 0845 4242424 number which is now obsolete ... [more]


Protect Yourself against Malware

You may have seen in the news that the National Crime Agency (NCA) is urging members of the public to protect themselves against powerful malicious software (malware), which may be costing UK computer users millions of pounds. We recently sent you a reminder about Phishing scams. Cyber criminals are currently using attachments sent in phishing e-mails to infect computers with two different typ ... [more]


Nominated Neighbour Scheme

Police Scotland and partners including Trading Standards Officers today, Monday April 7, launch a major national campaign to help beat doorstep crime. Doorstep crime consists of two main separate types of offences, bogus callers and rogue traders, both of which can have a devastating effect if you fall victim to them. Superintendent Gus MacPherson said: "Doorstep crime can affect anyone ... [more]


999 or 101?

Always call 999 if: • someone is threatened or in danger. • a crime is happening • someone suspected of a crime is nearby • someone is injured Use 101 when you don't need an emergency response. For example: • if you’ve had a minor traffic accident • if your property has been vandalised • if your car has been stolen • if you suspect drug dealing • if you’ve witnessed a crime • ... [more]


Doorstep Crime - Help to Stamp it Out

Doorstep crime remains the top national priority for trading standards in Scotland. It is carried out by cruel, unscrupulous and organised criminal groups who deliberately prey on the most vulnerable in society, predominantly the elderly population. Doorstep criminals are mobile and often work cross border with many perpetrators being well known across different council areas. Winter can be a pa ... [more]


Safer Internet Day 2014

Today is Safer Internet Day 2014. Technology can be baffling for many of us because it changes so quickly. However, it's highly likely that any children in your life will be completely up-to-date on the latest online gaming craze or social networking site. While the internet opens up new exciting opportunities for adults and children alike, it's important to recognise the risks as ... [more]


Bikes for Charity

Dear All Historically any unclaimed 'found' bikes held with Police Scotland would eventually go to auction however this procedure has changed and we as Community Beat Officers have been asked if there are any facilities where these bikes could go to charities. This process works well in Edinburgh, where there is a Bike Station who are allocated all the lonely bikes for onwards sale f ... [more]


Be Safe at Christmas

It’s that time of year again! Before the festive season really kicks in, we thought we’d bring you some advice from our partners so that you can keep yourself and others safe. You’ll find advice from Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, Trading Standards Scotland and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who is involved in ... [more]


Resilient Communities

Below is a link to a short video, made with the community of Hutton and Paxton in the Scottish Borders, and featuring their first live-play community resilience exercise. It shows how volunteers, led by the area’s Community Council, worked with the emergency services to respond in an exercise scenario in which 2 local teenagers had gone missing. The video can be found here: ... [more]


More on Current Scams

People often get in touch with us to share examples of scams they have experienced. Scams are always changing and evolving in the hope that people will be caught out. Some general good practice to avoid being scammed, whether on the doorstep, on the telephone or by letter: • Don't be pressured into doing anything immediately. Take time to think about what you are being asked to do, or ... [more]


NSPCC launches Zipit

We were approached by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and asked to circulate the following information about keeping young people safe from potential abuse and intimidation. Please share this information with any parents, grandparents and young people you know. ChildLine launches first app ‘Zipit’ to defuse the pressures of sending self-generated explicit imag ... [more]


Living Streets

Living Streets is the national charity that stands up for pedestrians. With our supporters we work to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets, where people want to walk. Do you want to help create safer, more attractive streets and spaces in your local community? Living Streets Scotland Walkable Communities project supports communities to improve their local walking environments and e ... [more]


Preventing Bicycle Theft

A number of areas in Scotland are experiencing bicycle thefts at the moment. Police Scotland are urging people to take care and follow this advice: If your bike is stored in a common stairwell: • Make sure your door entry system is working. • Don’t let strangers into the stairwell. • Don’t leave the front door wedged open. • Make sure the back door is locked. • Lock your bike with tw ... [more]


Need the police? Dial 101 any time it isn’t 999

Need the police? Dial 101 any time it isn’t 999 101 makes it quicker and easier to contact the police when you don't need an emergency response For example: •if you’ve had a minor traffic accident •if your property has been vandalised •if your car has been stolen •if you suspect drug dealing •if you’ve witnessed a crime •if you’ve seen a missing person •if you need crime preven ... [more]


Coping in the Heat

Please look out for friends and neighbours who may be more susceptible to some of the problems caused by hot weather. Coping in the heat The heat can affect anyone and for some it can be a problem. In hot weather, if you experience symptoms like feeling faint and dizzy, being short of breath or vomiting, take action. • Cool down as quickly as possible - move to a cool area, loosen or remo ... [more]


Medicines over the Internet – What Consumers Need To Know

Safety risks of purchasing medicines online - Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency Medicines over the Internet – What Consumers Need To Know The internet has changed forever how we shop – we are no longer restricted to bricks and mortar retail outlets on our local high street. We can now use the internet for purchasing all sorts of commodities and this extends to buying medici ... [more]


Phishing - Advice on How not to be Caught!

A number of Neighbourhood Watch coordinators have contacted us in the last week to report an increase in 'phishing' e-mails pretending to be from banks. While we're generally all aware of this type of scam, unfortunately people are still caught out. Below are a few reminders of how to stay safe when banking online. • Never access your bank via a link in an e-mail. Always t ... [more]


Dial 101 for Non Emergency Contact with Police

As you may have seen reported yesterday, there is now a single non-emergency telephone number for the police in Scotland: 101. Please share this news as widely as you can. From the ACPOS website: 101 is the new number to contact the police when it’s less urgent than 999. The 101 non-emergency number will make it quicker and easier for you to contact the police when you don’t need an ... [more]


Be Safe at Christmas

It’s been a big year for Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and we just wanted to get in touch to wish everyone a happy and safe festive period. Here are some quick reminders about safety over the festive period, along with links to other sources of information. Safe & Secure • Make your house look occupied if you’re out and about. • Always close and lock all doors and windows when leaving ... [more]


Little Book of Big Scams

Download this excellent booklet from Strathclyde Police. Little Book of Big Scams ... [more]


Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Christmas tree safety tips Each year, our fire services respond to fires caused by Christmas trees. Carefully decorating Christmas trees can help make your holidays safer. Picking the tree •If you have an artificial tree, be sure it is labeled, certified, or identified by the manufacturer as fire retardant. •Choose a tree with fresh, green needles that do not fall off when touched. ... [more]


Safer Winter Driving

SAFER WINTER DRIVING What we do Transport Scotland, the Scottish Government’s national transport agency, maintains motorways and trunk roads to allow safe movement of traffic and to minimise delays caused by bad weather. Local councils are responsible for other roads. Winter services From 1 October to 15 May, a 24-hour dedicated winter service operates on all of Scotland’s trunk roads. ... [more]


No Cold Calling Zones

CREATION OF NO COLD CALLING ZONES As a result of the survey done of all occupiers of houses within the parish, it has been decided that two zones will be created. One mirrors the existing Neighbourhood Watch area viz the houses of the village which lie berween the 40mph signs on the main road, plus Grantsfield, Glebe House, and Station House and Bungalow. Signs have been erected at either end ... [more]


“No Cold Calling Zone” Initiative - Initial Letter

Maxton Lothian and Borders Police - “No Cold Calling Zone” Initiative. Some of you may have read recent articles in the Press regarding a “No Cold Calling Zone” Initiative, which is already running in various areas in Berwickshire, all of Gattonside, two roads in Kelso and one road in Galashiels. Police recently presented what is involved to the Neighbourhood Watch and we have decid ... [more]


Fuel Theft and Security - Advice from Lothian & Borders Police

Heating and Diesel Oil Theft: There can be an increase in the theft of heating and diesel oil whenever the price of crude oil rises. A rise in the price of fuel at the petrol pump inevitably leads to a rise in the cost of heating oil. This makes oil a more attractive proposition for the thief and they can actively target fuel tanks at farms, transport depots and domestic properties. These tan ... [more]


Shut out Bogus Callers

Shut out Bogus Callers A guide to preventing doorstop crime Keep front and back doors locked. Fit a door chain or bar, and use it. Only deal with callers by appointment. Always ask for identification and check it carefully. Don’t keep large sums of money at home. Call 999 and ask for the police if you feel threatened or scared. The Red Card scheme A red ‘No doorstep callers’ sticke ... [more]


HMRC warn of Email Scams

HMRC warn of Email Scams HMRC is warning of a dramatic increase in fraudulent emails claiming to offer a refund of overpaid taxes. Reports of fraudulent “phishing” emails have risen by 300 per cent over the past year, HM Revenue & Customs has confirmed. It is essential that anyone receiving an email claiming to be from HMRC telling them that they are due a tax repayment does not follow ... [more]


Last Update: 02/11/2018

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